Bones is the founder Survivors Ink and the owner and opperator of Tatts On Tatts Off, one of Australia's most popular and reparable tattoo studios.

Coming from a Military, Policing and Medical background Bones isn't your average tattoo artists. As a result of his background and the success of Tatts On Tatts Off, he started offering FREE realistic nipple tattooing in 2015, to meet the needs of the Canberra area. Later that year Survivors Ink was borne and establish as the charity division of Tatts On Tatts Off. To date (19/07/18), Survivors Ink has provided over 300 realistic nipple tattoos, to breast cancer survivors Australia wide.

Peter Bone (aka Bones) - Founder

Due to the lack of suitable qualified artists and the exorbitant costs associated with cosmetic tattooing, Bones is now taking Survivors Ink national and aims to provide a fly in, fly out service to all capital cities and some rural communities.

To enable this, Survivors Ink needs Oncology Departments, Hospitals, Tattoo Studios and Medicals centres to come on-board and offer the use of their facilities, for 1-2 days a year. All other expenses associated will be covered by Survivors Ink.

If you are in a position to support Survivors Ink, or have any further question, please don't hesitate to Contact Us

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