Unfortunately due due to the devastating effects of COVID-19, Survivors Ink has been forced to cease providing it's free realistic nipple tattooing service and permanently close.

"All bookings are cancelled as a result"

We would like to thank all of our previous clients and sponsors for their support and hope that the thousands of survivors we have tattooed have benefited from our free service.


Survivors Ink is a not for profit charity organisation, dedicated to providing breast cancer survivors with FREE realistic 3D nipple tattooing, Australia wide.

Unfortunately, cancer doesn't stop affecting lives at the completion of treatment. So many breast cancer survivors and their loved ones continue to experience both financial and emotional hardship as a result of their unfortunate collision with cancer treatment.

At Survivor's Ink, we acknowledge and respect the magnitude of issues that a survivor must face in the recovery phase of their breast cancer.

One avenue of recovery in which we are able to make a difference, is the completion phase of reconstructive surgery.

After surgery, most men and women are left without nipple/(s), and in place of this, may have traumatic scars, in which they must face each day. Survivors Ink tattooing offers women the chance to complete their reconstructive journey.

Sadly, many survivors are unable to consider cosmetic tattooing (and sometimes the reconstructive surgery altogether), due to the exorbitant costs associated $500-$5000.

Survivors Inks aim is to provide free realistic nipple tattooing to all Australians effected by breast cancer and aid in their physical and emotional recovery, free of charge

Tattoo Benefits

As described by survivors,

  • Awakened confidence
  • Reclaimed sexuality
  • Feeling beautiful (and womanly) once more
  • No more visible scars
  • Feeling whole again
  • Closure (significantly important).

Our Artists

All of our tattoo artists have been vigorously vetted and selected for their unique artistic ability and willingness to help others.

These artists provide their time and services, free of charge to Survivors Ink.

Because of this and the kind donations of individuals and businesses, we are now able to provide a national fly in, fly out service, to meet the Australian demand.


  • Provide FREE Realistic Nipple Tattooing,
  • National coverage, capital cities and some rural locations
  • Fly in, fly out tattoo artists,
  • Provide FREE Dr Pickles Tattoo Aftercare products.