How long will they last?

Survivors Ink artists are not cosmetic tattooist and because of this we only utilise permanent tattoo inks. Ink retention can vary person to person, but most clients only require one tattooing session and the tattoos will last forever in most cases.

How long does it take?

Two nipples take approximately 90 min, depending on skin condition, scarring and or medical conditions.

How long after my surgery?

Waiting times vary person to person, however general rule of thumb, is 9-12 months, from the time of your last surgery and after consultation with your doctor, or surgeon.

A Survivors Ink consultation must also be conducted before booking.

Does it hurt?

All tattoos involve some form of discomfort, however most breast cancer survivors have very little sensation in this area and breeze through the tattooing procedure.

Can I use numbing products?

Survivors Ink does not recommend using numbing products, as it can effect ink saturation and the over all quality of the tattoo.

Please consult with us prior to using any numbing products.

Will they look 3D?

Yes, unlike Cosmetic Tattooists, our artists are professional tattoo artists, who have been strictly vetted, for their artistic ability and willingness to help others.

How much will it cost?

All Survivor Inks services are FREE, thanks to our fundraising, sponsors and artists donating their time. The only cost that may be required, is for second skin dressings, where wet healing is recommended.

Who can use your service?

Any male, or female recovering from breast cancer, BRAC1, or BRAC2, post mastectomy. Physical, or online assessment is required.

Can someone come with me?

A friend or family member is encouraged to come along , as the tattooing procedure can be quite emotional for some people, as it represents closure to their

What is an online assessment?

Photo images of the breast area, clearly showing the affected areas and scar tissue. A ruler should also be use in the photos aid with scale assessment. These photos and your treatment history allow us to access your suitability for tattooing and if scar preparation is required, prior to the tattooing procedure.

I do not wish to provide photos?

No tattoo bookings can be made without a completed application being submitted, including reconstruction photos. This request is obviously at your discretion, however we are not in a position to offer our free service without an assessment of your medical history, reconstructed breasts and associated scar tissue.

Is your website secure?

The Survivors Ink website is a secure Australian network and meets Australian legislation requirements. All information and images are treated as medical - in - confidence and images are destroyed on completion of the booking assessment.