Our Team

Michelle (Director)

Michelle is a passionate and tireless volunteer.
She has dedicated significant time and energy to supporting women and girls through Survivors Ink and Voices for Change. As a Director of the not-for-profit charity, Survivors Ink, she undertakes business administration, promotion, sponsorship and fundraising to ensure breast cancer survivors can access free nipple tattooing. She is working assiduously to engage more tattooists to meet the high and growing demand for Survivors Ink. As a trained advocate with Voices for Change, co-founded by the Domestic Violence Crisis Service, Michelle uses her experience to raise awareness about domestic and family violence.


Nat hails from Margaret River and has been tattooing for 5 years. Coming from a beauty background she started in the industry as a cosmetic tattooist, she also performs body piercings. Always being a creative and artist person, she naturally transitioned into body tattoos. She sees inspiration from all things flora and fauna, bright colours and happy pieces.

She decided to join Survivors Ink after our WA visit in 2019. Her mum is a leukaemia survivor and watching the devastating effects cancer can have first hand, she wanted to give back to those beautiful ladies who have endured enough.


Danielle says that what Pete does for breast cancer survivors is life changing and the tireless work that Michelle, Richard and other SI volunteers do is inspirational. I want to support them so they can continue to help survivors.

Pumba (Richard)


Meet Richard (aka Pumba) one of our amazing volunteers and BBQ Master.We honestly couldn't do it without the amazing support of Pumba.